"Catherine was a tremendous help when I was starting my business and putting together the webpage.  From the inception, she was the architect, the engineer that drove the whole effort.  She walked me through the process of creating materials for both the webpage and related printed materials for my sales promotions. She eased the pain when it came to the actual business planning and related technology, helping me to understand each step and staying on top of things so that the process continued to flow smoothly.  She was always knowledgeable, in terms of both overall planning as well as the small, detail matters.


Catherine is very reliable, being on time or early with delivered materials.  Her turn-around time is remarkable.  She is very creative when it comes to ideas on approach, and she has a great eye for design and color.  I gave very little input.  I was very content to let her run with the ideas and it yielded great results. I highly recommend Catherine Davis."


   - Rev. Dr. R. Larry Hallett

     Owner of Celebrations of Life


"I have worked with Catherine on several projects developing content for Instructor-led and Web-based training courses. I have found Catherine to be very professional with a strong work ethic. Catherine is a highly productive person who produces work of high quality and takes pride in the work she develops. She is exceptional at dealing with customers and accommodating difficult requests


   - Petra Jennings

     Senior Instructional Designer at Stanley Healthcare

"Catherine is one of the best Instructional Designers and leads that I have had the pleasure of working for. I learned quite a bit from Catherine on projects. She has an incredible depth of knowledge on adult learning principles and the development of eLearning and classroom-based learning materials. Catherine has the vision of the big picture of what is best suited for the audience/client, as well as the attention to detail that helps a team deliver a high-quality product. Her project management skills and ability to manage many projects, and many team members are truly one of Catherine's great strengths. I can't say enough good things about the experience I had working with and for Catherine!"


  - Lynn Meadow

    Senior Instructional Designer at Stanley Healthcare



"It was a pleasure collaborating with Catherine to convert an instructor-led workshop to a web-based program. Her deliverables are creative and clearly communicate with the audience. I was especially impressed with her uncanny ability to decipher my business needs and understand our implementation expectations for the project via casual conversations. Catherine is an excellent choice to contribute to any type of content development project, either as a leader or as a team member."


   - Ken Revenaugh

     Sales Performance Consultant at Fast Track Tools