The first elearning projects I created from scratch in HTML now thankfully reside in an underground cavern at an undisclosed location. Unlike the 1990s, today's "WYSIWYG" tools allow us to bring our creations to life without having to simultaneously be a programmer or an artist. I earned my instructional design chops out in the field as the industry technologies evolved.


Over the years, I have worked on elearning projects for clients including Big 4 financial, major retailers and various other Fortune 500 companies. My wheelhouse includes highly complex team engagements.  I've had the privilege of collaborating with talented artists to create fantastic backgrounds, avatars and infographics.


It's great when you have eye candy as part of your learning experience! However, what happens when budgets are low and timelines are short? I have also worked with the little guys - start-ups, non-profits and entrepreneurs. In these instances, I fly solo and get as creative as possible with stock assets and words to engage learners, tell stories and check retention.


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